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Total Hip Replacement Surgery Available in Sydney

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A hip replacement is the process by which your natural hip joint is replaced by an artificial joint made of metal implants.

It is a very successful operation at relieving pain and restoring function. Articular cartilage is the smooth lining at the ends of bones which contact each other and allow smooth movement in our joints. The hip joint is made up of the ball (top end of the femur bone) and socket (part of our pelvis). When we lose articular cartilage the raw bone is exposed and comes into contact with each other. This process causes pain, swelling, stiffness and reduced function of our joint. Many disease processes can cause this and is grouped under the broad heading of arthritis.

The aim of hip replacement surgery is to replace the bone ends contacting each other with artificial material (prosthesis) so that the patient no longer experiences pain. A hip replacement involves a replacement of the top end of the femur bone with a titanium implant and ceramic or metal ball. The socket (tanium shell) also has a plastic or ceramic lining. Hence the material contacting each other is either ceramic on ceramic or metal on plastic. This creates the new artificial joint.

There is a number of different ways of entering the hip to perform the same operation. Dr Shidiak has extensive experience in all three most common approaches (direct anterior, posterior and anterolateral). Dr Shidiak’s preference is to use the minimally invasive direct anterior approach technique wherever possible (see “anterior approach hip”). This approach does not cut any muscles and allows quicker recovery in the early post-operative period.

Recovery time

Generally speaking hip replacement is “major” surgery and requires approximately five days in hospital followed by physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Most patients are driving a car at six weeks and walking independently.

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