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Are your joints ready for spring?

Winter is over and the warm weather beckons, but are your joints ready for a seasonal jump back into activity? It’s quite common for many of us during winter to go into hibernation mode, and it usually comes with a dramatic reduction of exercise compared to the warmer months. One of the most common causes

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Patella Dislocation

What is a patella dislocation? Commonly a result of a traumatic sporting injury such as excessive twisting or jumping forces, or a direct blow (less common). A patella dislocation refers to the tearing of the connective tissue surrounding the patellofermoral joint between the knee cap (patella) and thigh bone (femur), resulting in a displacement of

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Does cold weather make arthritis worse?

With winter on its way, we are expecting an increase of joint pain from our patients. Scientists aren’t exactly sure why this is common in colder months, but studies have found that every 10 degree drop in temperature corresponded with an incremental increase in arthritis pain. Different factors have been examined including temperature, humidity, barometric

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