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Parramatta Orthopaedic Surgeon

A Dedicated Orthopaedic Surgeon in Parramatta

When you’re seeking compassionate care for knee and hip conditions, Dr Louis Shidiak is the orthopaedic surgeon Paramatta chooses. With years of experience working with children and adults, professional athletes to retirees, Dr Shidiak’s qualifications have placed him at the forefront of the orthopaedic field. With a love for sport and assisting patients with sports-related injuries, Dr Shidiak is proud to be the Chief Medical Officer for the Parramatta National Rugby League Club (Parramatta Eels) as well as their feeder club Wentworthville RLC.

Focused on Knee and Hip Conditions in Children and Adults

As an orthopaedic surgeon Dr Shidiak focuses on conditions that impact the knee joints and hip joints. Clients from Parramatta and beyond come to Dr Shidiak for his help in relieving pain as a result of injury, osteoporosis, dysplasia and arthritis. His personalised care is tailored to each patient with the understanding that because not all patients are alike, neither will the treatment be that works for each. He will discuss the knee and hip treatment that will work for you and your lifestyle, be that surgical or non-surgical. As a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Shidiak will ensure that your post-treatment program is tailored to you.

Parramatta’s Preference for Their Orthopaedic Surgeon

If you or one of your family members have been suffering from hip or knee pain, it’s time you called orthopaedic surgeon Dr Shidiak. He extends his welcome to new clients from across Parramatta and beyond. It’s every person’s right to seek treatment for pain, so if you have a chronic orthopaedic condition, or you have recently sustained an injury, rest assured that you have found a surgeon who will put your needs first. You can easily contact our clinic for an appointment, where we’ll endeavour to book you in at a time that is most convenient for you. Call us on (02) 9806 3333 to book your initial consultation with Dr Shidiak at any of his private treating rooms.