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Don’t spend the holidays in the A and E

Our Accident and Emergency departments are always at their busiest on weekends and during the holidays. There is so much more activity happening, we see many more orthopaedic traumas occurring. While we can look after you over Christmas and the New Year – we would rather you spend time with your friends and family instead

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Dr Louis Shidiak, CMO for Parramatta Eels, tell all on how you can keep fit like the professionals.

It seems as if the NRL season has only just finished, but the Parramatta Eels and Wentworthvile Magpies have already started pre-season training for 2017. As the Chief Medical Officer for both clubs, my role is to ensure the players safety, welfare and well-being. With pre-season training kicking off, I’ve had the opportunity to spend

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Lifestyle changes to prevent arthritis

Your lifestyle choices affect all aspects of your physical well-being, and that includes your joints — especially if you have arthritis. Pain management and lifestyle changes are often recommended as a first course of treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. The knee is particularly prone to arthritis as it is a weight bearing

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