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What’s that popping sound?

We have all experienced the strange sounds our joints can make. Sometimes when we stand up, turn, rotate a joint or just stretch. It can be in our knees, arms, ankles or neck and most commonly in our shoulders. The sound of popping or cracking can be loud and can cause us to wonder if

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Does your child suffer with leg aches?

They could be growing pains. Growing pains are best described as cramping and aching muscle pains and most commonly affect some pre-schoolers and then can recur in preteen years. They are felt in both legs and most often occur late in the afternoon or in the evening and in some instances may keep your child

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Tis the season to be…..

It’s the holiday season and summer in Australia. It’s part of our Aussie traditions to get together with friends for the festive season to catch up and it usually involves festive food and festive drinks! But let’s remember that one of the leading causes of joint problems through tears and strains and onto arthritis is

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